Diesel Coffee Company is a micro coffee roasting company that provides fresh, flavorful blends. The goal of Diesel Coffee is to roast your coffee the way you want it, ship the same day, and keep you coming back for more. All orders are kept on file so you'll receive your roast the way you like it every time. We don't just roast coffee but are passionate about educating our customers on the process of roasting coffee beans to perfection. 


So a little about Tim DeBruler, Diesel Coffee Company Owner & Operator. The last 25 years Tim worked for the Michigan department of corrections and then retired in 2012. "I found something out about myself, I hated being retired." So Tim started what he calls his "second life" doing what he loves, which is making people happy and bringing a smile to peoples faces. Tim loves coffee roasting and sharing the experience with his customers. 

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